5 years anniversary

Our dojo first opened its doors five years ago, in July 2012, and much has happened since then. At first we were only teaching Nihon Tai Jitsu, before being allowed to form an Aunkai study group. We received visits from great martial artists […]

Beyond the surface

Martial arts are comparable to an iceberg in a way. A visible part, impressive by itself, and a hidden part, under water, often much bigger but invisible. The visible part of the iceberg corresponds to the external shape of an art: its techniques, whereas the immersed part corresponds to its deeper principles, without which the said techniques would not even exist. If this is pretty easy to understand on paper, we can only notice that the great majority of people remain on the upper part of the iceberg, on the surface. And it’s hard to blame them, because the invisible part is by definition not as accessible. […]

Ma-ai, this distance between us

This article originally got published in French in Dragon Special Aikido in March 2017.

Ma-ai (間合) is one of the many basic concepts found in Budo / Bujutsu. Often translated as the distance between Tori and Uke, a better translation could simply be an interval, since the term 間 is used equally for an interval of space and of time, whereas the character 合 conveys the notion of harmony and can also be found to form 氣.


Interview of Akuzawa sensei by Guillaume Erard

Aunkai is a relatively new school, less than 15 years old, and that is very specific among martial arts schools as it clearly made the choice to focus on the development of the body, rather than on techniques. Guillaume Erard, made a great interview of sensei, that presents the genesis of the school and the way it got put together by Akuzawa sensei. […]

In and out of the class

Training time at the dojo is always limited, even if you can attend every single session. At the Seishin Tanren dojo, we have training sessions three times a week, which is good but everybody has different schedules and making it to all three sessions might be difficult. In these conditions, how can you improve effectively? […]

Aunkai: Beyond techniques

This article was originally published in French in the magazine “Dragon Special Aikido” in October 2015 and was an excellent opportunity for me to share my feelings about the Aunkai approach of the Aunkai vis-a-vis other disciplines I studied, including Aikido.


Romain Guiheneuf: On the way of uniting energies

Romain has been practicing martial arts for more than 15 years. In 2005 he discovered Hapkido and Hankido that he teaches today in Nort sur Erdre (France). Despite a genetic disease that affects his sight, Romain made an early choice to go for a subtle practice, based on sensation, which he completed by learning manual therapy via Reiki and Shiatsu. […]