Aunkai training in Japan

Going back to Tōkyō for Aunkai training is a favorite of mine, as it’s always a rare occasion to see Akuzawa sensei and his students, feel how their practice evolved and try to grasp a bit more the complexity of Aunkai’s biomechanics. […]

Words of experts – Lionel Froidure

Lionel Froidure is the founder of Imagin’Arts and En Terre Martiale. Born in a family of Karateka, Lionel fell into the cauldron when he was little and today he shares his passion through his classes but also his many DVDs and documentaries, as well as on the Imagin’Arts blog. 6th dan in Karate and 4th in Arnis Doblete Rapilon, Lionel is a hard-working and passionate adept whose martial skills are only matched by his kindness and open-mind.

I was lucky to meet Lionel in 2013in Paris during a seminar with Washizu sensei and to spend a good part of the evening discussing with him. This remains one of my most beautiful encounters in the martial arts world. I can only invite you to meet Lionel if you have the opportunity and failing that, to at least follow his work. […]

Words of experts – Filip Maric

I met Filip for the first time in 2016 when he came to Hong Kong and we double-handedly managed the Aunkai seminar that I was hosting that weekend. But before meeting him in person, I already had a chance to discover him via some his Aikido videos, and chat a bit with him online when he joined Aunkai.  A minute or two after meeting, we were already great bros and Filip remains one of my favourite martial artists for the high level of his skills, his deep understanding and genuine open mind. […]

Words of experts – Alexandre Grzegorczyk

Alex is one of the pillars of Kishinkai Aikido, that he now teaches in Limoges, France. Practicing since his youngest age, he started Judo before turning to boxing and French boxing and then to Yoseikan Budo. From a relatively aggressive and competition-oriented practice, Alex made the choice to leave everything a few years ago to settle in Paris and follow the teaching of Leo Tamaki. 


A month of seminars, a handful of principles

My series of seminars in Europe was once again an opportunity to try to present a rich and rather different work from what is usually done in most dojos. As I explained several times during these courses, my teaching is divided into three, more or less equally important, parts. […]