1 October 2015


Classes are held on Thursdays in Sport Centres and on Sundays at SCAA’s Judo Dojo. Regular Aunkai sessions are held outdoor on Wednesdays.

A keikogi (judogi or karategi) is required for indoor classes as it enables more techniques and is part of the etiquette. They can be found in various places in HK. When training takes place outdoor, any sport equipment is fine.

Classes are available to anyone over 14. For growth reasons, we do not accept students below 14 to avoid any risk of injury when practicing locks. The classes are progressive to help everyone improve.

As we are part of the FMNITAI (World Nihon Tai Jitsu Federation), all students are required to take their annual license (HKD20) and to have the federation passport for rank certifications (HKD100, valid 8 years).


Weekday classes: HKD200 per month or HKD70 per session
Weekend classes: HKD200 per month (the SCAA membership is HKD120 per year)