Your filters hinder your progress

“The most important is your openness, literally.
If you want to change the way you move, your brain has to be flexible. It’s the same in the business community, the best CEOs are flexible. People who are very good at what they do are not just smart. They are also very flexible. “

Akuzawa Minoru , Yashima, Issue 2, September 2018

Martial practices are as rich as they are diverse and if we can find a large number of good practitioners, few have reached the highest level of mastery, sometimes demonstrating a seemingly unreal work in the eyes of neophytes, at the limit of charlatanism, or on the contrary … not so different from what they or their teachers do. And yet …

We all come with our own baggage and preconceptions. How to accept that an adept can throw someone twice as young, taller, stronger, without any apparent effort if we haven’t experienced such a level of practice?

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