We host online classes every Saturday from 4 to 5pm Hong Kong time. These classes are open to everyone. Fees: HKD 70 per session.

In addition, we host private classes, in person or online. Contact us for more details.

Nihon Taijutsu

We do not host regular Nihon Taijutsu sessions in Hong Kong at the moment, but if you are interested in training, please get in touch with us.


We host seminars on a regular basis in all three martial arts. Details including topic, location and fees are communicated to the students in advance.

Uniform and conditions

A keikogi (judogi or karategi) is required for indoor classes. These can be found in various places in Hong Kong. When training takes place outdoor, any sport equipment is fine.

Classes are available to anyone over 14. For growth reasons, we do not accept students below 14 to avoid any risk of injury when practicing locks. The classes are progressive to help everyone improve.

For more information or for a trial session, don’t hesitate to contact us!