An insider view into the Yoseikan dojo with David Orange

Yoseikan Dojo - Shizuoka

Yoseikan Dojo - Shizuoka

Former uchi deshi of Minoru Mochizuki, David Orange Jr. has not only trained under the direction of one of the most famous masters of the 20th century, but also trained along a number of his students who are now continuing his teaching. 

David is part of the living memory of Yoseikan, and his answers give us a rare insight into the practice of Minoru Mochizuki and at the Yoseikan dojo. In this first part, David brings us through what training was like at the Yoseikan dojo, but also what influenced Mochizuki sensei along the way.

This 3-part interview brings incredible insights into what it was to train and live at the Yoseikan dojo.
Part 1 – Training at Minoru Mochizuki’s dojo
Part 2 – The pursuit of internal power
Part 3 – The evolution of the Yoseikan

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