NAMT – Paris, June 2017

The Night of Traditional Martial Arts (NAMT, Nuit des Arts Martiaux Traditionnels) is an annual event that has been gathering since 2007 a selection of martial arts experts, to demonstrate their arts in front of an initiated audience. Organised in some of the most beautiful parisians theatres with some exceptional martial artists from over the world, the NAMT is today the most important European event of its kind.

This year, Nihon Tai Jitsu will be represented for the very first time, and I had the immense honour of being invited to perform this demonstration and represent the school. I have personally been very keen for many years to make the trip from Hong Kong to be part of the audience and have the opportunity to watch demonstrations from masters of such a high level, all in one location. I honestly did not expect to have the opportunity one day to go as one of the demonstrators.

The agenda of the day is already available on the official website of the event, along with the programme of the AikiTaikai, an exceptional event that will allow everyone to train under the guidance of some of the best experts participating to the NAMT.