Leo Tamaki in Hong Kong – January 2018

We’ve been lucky to host Leo Tamaki, founder of Kishinkai Aikido, earlier this month for a closed-door session. Kishinkai Aikido is a very recent school but takes its inspirations in Tamura sensei’s Aikido as well as the work of some of the best martial arts masters from Japan, and in particular Kuroda sensei (Shinbukan).

Kishinkai Aikido is based on three pillars:
– The development of vitality
– The modification of the use of the body
– TheĀ  study of techniques

Kishinkai differs from many other styles of Aikido by the way the body is used, following principes such as Ukimi (floating body), the absence of spinal twists, the ability to generate movements from different parts of the body, softness (a word used wrongly too often).

Leo and the four students who accompanied him presented some techniques of the school and the principles behind them in depth, both empty handed and with bokken. They showed with great pedagogy how muscular power is not part of the matrix of Kishinkai, and how a tiny and old person can gain the edge over a younger stronger person, all this without relying on complacency of the partner.

This was a fantastic weekend for all of us and we look forward to training more in Kishinkai Aikido! If you want to see the photos of the event, they are available on our facebook page.