Aunkai – Balancing the tray

I had the opportunity to go to Tokyo last week for a couple of days of Aunkai training with Akuzawa sensei, a great experience as always, that got even better as I was lucky to have Robert John and Alex Lee, both instructors, as partners and translators.

The private sessions were a great opportunity to explore how to receive the force with the body and how to move the body in dissociated layers when it needs to. Akuzawa sensei introduced also a new concept to us: the tray.

The platter concept is the reversed idea of the buoy concept expressed very well by Filip Maric. When the idea of the buoy is to have the body hanging under the head, the tray idea consists in balancing the layers of the upper body on the hips, the same way a waiter would balance a tray when walking, confirming the idea that Aunkai is all about consistently adjusting our posture.