New training cycle starting now!

Starting today, September 1st, and for the next 3 months, keiko will focus on acquisition of the basics. Why? Because without a good base, you cannot build anything.

So what does it mean concretely? Classes in this cycle will focus on attaining a number of objectives.


For Aunkai, the focus will be on building the frame of the body and getting a better understanding of how the force goes in and out of the body. This will be done through solo Tanren (Maho, Shiko, TenChiJin) and partner training/kunren (push out, walking Maho mainly).

This work is essential to be able to go further in the study of Bujutsu. Remember that techniques are the tip of the iceberg, the most important is building the foundation. After all, our dojo is called Seishin Tanren for a reason.

Nihon Tai Jitsu

Two focuses here: Ukemi and acquiring the basics of the school.

Ukemi falls very much in body (re)conditioning along with what we will do in Aunkai. Good Ukemi will allow your partner to train without having to worry about your safety, but that’s not all. Good Ukemi should also increase your sensitivity and get a better feeling of your partner movement, preparing you for Kaeshi Waza (counter techniques), while also improve your understanding of your body in general and of your spine in particular.

Basic techniques in Nihon Tai Jitsu are divided in 3 series of 8 techniques (atemi, locks, throws) performed on basic wrist grabs. These techniques are simple and made for students to grasp the “grammar” of the school.

In September  we will focus on learning the techniques 1-4 of all three series and the principles associated . From October onwards we will start applying these techniques on a variety of attacks, whilst also starting to focus more on Tai Sabaki and Atemi.

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