January – March cycle

As 2016 and the previous training cycle are now behind us, it is time to look forward to what will be coming up next. If the past 3 months focused on acquiring basics, these three months will be focusing on developing them further.


Aunkai classes will start focusing on putting the structure in movement, after three months focusing on putting the structure in place and the whole of December focusing on the amazing content that was covered during the NZ intensive week  We will work on creating the axis of the body and putting it in movement, whilst not forgetting all the basic work we have been doing so far. We will also keep exploring further exercises such as Age Te and Sage Te.

Nihon Tai Jitsu

We will start exploring basic techniques 5-8 by atemi, locks and throws. These techniques tend to be slightly more difficult than 1-4 so some new challenges are to be expected here. Once again after studying them in their most formal setting, we will start using these techniques more and more in a free setting on a wide range of attacks.

Ukemi will of course also remain a very strong focus in the coming months as good ukemi is key to progress.

Ranking examinations should also start happening from February-March, so get ready!