Aunkai workshop with Miyakawa Kazuhisa

As we continue to develop Aunkai in Hong Kong, we invited this time Miyakawa Kazuhisa, Hanshi, to lead a workshop. Miyakawa san is, along with Rob and Manabu, one of the first students of Akuzawa sensei, and one of the very few to have obtained a Hanshi licence.

We said it before, Aunkai is a relatively austere school and if the outcomes it can bring are beyond words, it is equally easy to get off track and miss the point. Which is why having the support of very advanced people such as Miyakawa san and Rob is a blessing for our dojo.

For this workshop, Miyakawa san went back to the basics of conditioning, bringing the participants to understand bit by bit how to make the body “one unit”, through external body structure and internal connections. But when this could be seen as a lifetime mission, he managed to break it down to its most simple elements so every participant can create a bujutsu body through the daily repetition of simple exercises.


It was a great workshop but it does not stop there. It’s the daily repetition of solo Tanren that makes the difference on the long run. Seminar insights help you get there, but they won’t replace personal training. So keep it up! And we will meet you all on the beach in Clearwater Bay on September 29 for our next workshop, this time managed by Xavier!